A fireplace creates a comfortable environment in chilly winters. However, soot and creosote, a flammable and sticky substance, starts accumulating in the chimney and causes a fire risk. So, chimney cleaning is necessary to prevent chimney fires and potential house fires. Knowing how to clean a chimney helps you prevent unfortunate situations from happening and saves you time & money. Finding a professional for chimney cleaning in Sacramento is imperative because experts have the right tools and experience to handle unique circumstances. However, basic knowledge of chimney cleaning is beneficial in the long run.

Here’s How to Clean a Fireplace Chimney.

  • Before you start the task, gather all the cleaning products required. The tools include a dustpan, a vacuum, paper towels or rags, dish soap, and other supplies.
  • Wear protective glasses and a dust mask to ensure your safety while working.
  • Inspect the pipe to ensure there are no bird nests or debris inside. Use a flashlight to inspect the fireplace.
  • Remove the chimney caps using your cordless drill to reach the flue. This step will allow you to access soot and dirt build-ups in your chimney. Next, use a shovel or an ash bucket to remove the ashes from your fireplace.
  • Use a shop vacuum to clean all debris. Use the vacuum extension tubes to access the smoke shelf and clean the sides and bottom of the firebox. Shop vacuum helps minimize the soot and debris from spreading outside. If the filters cannot capture the finer soot and it escapes via the exhaust port, you can run the garden hose inside.
  • To eliminate any extra debris, clean the area with a paper towel or rag that has been gently dampened. Then, wipe off the mantel surrounding your fireplace with a moist cloth to remove lingering dust or soot.
  • Dispose of the creosote residue properly. You must check with your local authority to see if there are guidelines for creosote disposing of.

You can clean your own chimney if you're comfortable with heights and have expertise climbing atop your house. Maintain your safety by using the appropriate ladder technique while you are on the roof. However, DIY chimney sweeping is not for everyone. If you are unsure of tools and knowledge, consulting with an expert is the wise solution.


A well-maintained chimney will save you money and prevent unfortunate incidences. Chimney cleaning prevents chimney fire caused by creosote build-up that condenses inside chimneys from wood smoke and catches fire. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), chimney fires can reach temperatures of 2,000F, which are high enough to cause the masonry chimney liners to shatter and perhaps ignite the nearby wood framing. Choosing a professional chimney cleaning service can save you time and money in the long run.