While gas and wood-burning fireplaces help you stay warm and cozy during winter, they necessitate maintenance to keep them running perfectly and securely. Learn why a chimney sweep should be part of your fireplace care routine and what to expect when you hire one. 

What Is the Purpose of a Chimney Sweep?

Hiring a professional chimney sweep in Sacramento is worthwhile since it protects you from possible hazards while saving you money. 

  • They Help Reduce Your Carbon Monoxide Danger

A clean, appropriately working chimney transmits carbon monoxide and other dangerous byproducts of fuel combustion, such as gas and wood, away from your home. On the contrary, uncleaned or inadequately ventilated chimneys may hamper the procedure. The bulk of carbon monoxide problems in chimneys is caused by the poor exhaust, which is nearly preventable with periodic examination and cleaning by a chimney sweep. 

  • They Will Aid in the Prevention of Chimney Fires 

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), over 20,000 chimney fires occur annually in the United States. Uncleaned chimneys usually have creosote buildup, a highly flammable residue of burning fuels like unseasoned wood, increasing the chance of fire, which can result in harm or even death.

  • They Save You Money

Soot as thin as 1/10 of an inch can limit heat transmission efficiency by up to 50%. Furthermore, detecting and correcting air leaks might reduce your energy bill.

How Often Should You Get Your Chimney Swept?

Unless you require extensive chimney repair, an annual check should suffice. However, some experts believe that if you have a wood-burning chimney (great for warming logs and night briquettes), it should be cleaned 2-4 times a year. The frequency of cleanings is determined by how often you use your fireplace. Since it will be used more during the winters, the chimney inspection might occur during the burning season, just before it starts to get chilly, ensuring more effective use of your fireplace or stove, or right after, when chimney sweepers may be less in demand. 

Consider whether you use your fireplace at night or during the day, as all-night briquettes can burn until the morning. It is also preferable to arrange a chimney cleaning as soon as you move into a new home since it might need to be clarified when it was last examined and cleaned.

Why Hire a Chimney Sweep Service?

Cleaning a chimney is a complex and nasty task that many homeowners prefer leaving to professionals. The advantages of outsourcing this activity encompass the following:

  • Thorough examination and identification of potential flaws in the chimney liner or the chimney itself;
  • Removing blockage and debris;
  • If necessary, they can repair or replace the chimney top or liner. Moreover, certain chimney cleaners can accomplish the required masonry repairs, but you need state registration and approval before beginning any masonry work.
  • If you insist on doing it yourself, get in the appropriate equipment to make the task easier and less dirty.

How Long Does It Take To Sweep a Chimney?

Complete cleaning of your chimney should take at most one hour. However, if any repairs are required, it will take a bit longer. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile since you will soon be spending pleasant evenings in front of a natural hot log fire.